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However, you do raise an important point. With my post, I have insulted chimps everywhere.

To my friends and fellow vertebrates among both Pan troglodytes and Pan paniscus: I heartily beg your apologies for so maligning the two great species of chimpanzees by conflating you with the more rare and less noble variety currently occupying The White House.

Forgive me, I offer no apologia for being a member of the so-called Northeastern Liberal Elite. Truth to tell, I haven’t been endowed with benefit of Yale, Princeton or Harvard education. In fact, I’m just trying to bear the next three and a half years of 143 with humility, grace and a quiet mouth.

That said, the hogwash emanating from 143 in his thankfully rare public performance has set my teeth on edge, my fists to pounding, and my senior (but still gloriously alive) brain seething. I’m not a proponent of public statements that he’s a moron, or chimp or other such insults of less intellectually gifted beings. However, he’s brought such sobriquets legitimacy by stating that he believes fossil fuels should be replaced by COAL!!! That, I cannot deny, confirms him to be an unarguable “moronic chimp”.

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