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people find the idea of Gay Nazi sex appealing for one reason really I think. I know its the one reason I do.

Being Gay or even having Gay thoughts was forbidden for The Nazis.

And who doesn't crave what is forbidden?

That is why it such a controversial --- yet very attractive --- concept. When people can't do forbidden things, they watch others do it online or w/e.

It could also be (also a reason of mine) that people have a fetish for the uniform as well as a fetish for gay sex. So, why not mix them? haha

I think many people confuse "Nazi-and-gay" with "military-and-gay." Tight leather, discipline and repressed institutions as a gay trope are classic, and go back far before the third Reich. All the Nazis did was get on board; there was very little they did that was original, except so tightly conjoin industrial efficiency with murder.

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