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"Until the Democrats return to their core values"

I agree, and yet admit that those values have been hard to define to *some* extent; also, there's not consensus w/in the party. take gay marriage for example. plenty of dems are pretending to be against it as a way of running to the right; they genuinely are against it. same thing with the war, actually: some were genuinely hawkish, took the president at his word (big mistake) and acted on what they understood to be a real, pressing threat. the issues tariffs and free trade zones also brings out genuine differences between dems.

My apologies for the lousy editing of the above note.

It is a thrill to see anyone actually discussing the Lakoff book and concepts. Getting control of the lexicon of the debate on the issues is definitely where the Democrats have lost it these past thirty years or more.

But before the Democrats can define a new lexicon of issues they need to define themselves. They have been defined by their opponents since the Vietnam war as left wing nuts which is the furthest thing from true. In response Democrats have run to the right. Instead of building coalitions with their former core constituencies of human rights, civil rights and pluralistic progress advocates both inside and outside the Party, the Dem. leadership has opandered to the right wing of America hoping to paoch from the Republicans.

Because of this bi-forcation of right wing Democrat DLC reality vs. the GOP "liberal" demonization the establishment of the Democrats have nothing on a values basis that they can honestly claim. Since they have run to the right with the Jim Crow drug war for so long they can't claim affinity to human and civil rights core values of the 1970 Democratic Party. They simply can't claim a social justice agenda while Bill Clinton racked up a world record 2 million prison population. They can't claim leadership in the fight for democracy in America, even though they have been screwed by the right wing in elections, because their drug war has disenfranchised more Americans than made the disserence in either the 2000 or 2004 presidential elections.

Until the Democrats return to their core values they will not be able to dictate an alternative lexicon to the right wing simply because they have no differenct lexicon to distinguish them from the American right wing.

Change the Democratic world, make Rep. John Conyers the party leader in drugand anti terrorism policy.

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